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ELDERCARE RESOURCES is a geriatric care management company that offers a broad array of services for individuals, families and businesses. Our firm has more than 25 years of experience in working with seniors and their families. Our goal is to assist you in managing the challenges that accompany the aging process.

We provide a comprehensive range of programs and services designed to facilitate the process of planning and coordinating care of the elderly. This care management process is designed to connect our clients with resources to address their needs with the goal of improving their quality of life and maximizing independence as much as possible

Eldercare Resources accomplishes this through education, information & referral, and coordination of necessary programs and services to meet a senior’s needs. In addition, we are available for assessment & monitoring, coordinating caregiving at a distance, family mediation and advocacy with health care providers & organizations.

Eldercare Resources has significant experience working with the vast array of individuals and organizations in the continuum of care that serve the elderly. We are highly experienced in integrating services for home care, transportation, and housing into a care plan that best meets the need of our clients.

A care plan is tailored for each individual’s circumstances after a comprehensive assessment is performed. The plan may be modified, in consultation with client and family, as the individual’s need change.

Our Geriatric Care Management staff is made up of experts in the areas of advocacy and care planning. They have years of experience in working with seniors and their families and the health providers that serve them.

In addition to our clinical and care management experience, we have a broad inventory of seminars and articles aimed at educating people about the challenges of eldercare. We have an excellent track record for providing these educational sessions to non-profit organizations, corporate audiences and educational institutions.

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