Resources for Employees

Eldercare Resources will work with you to provide valuable resources to your employees in a way that allows them to access much needed support in a cost efficient and time sensitive way. So that as the number of your employees who are facing eldercare issues grows, you are prepared to help them by providing much need resources and, at the same time, showing them that you have their best interest in mind.

Resources for Employees can include:

  • Online and On-Site Counseling Support - Eldercare specialists are available to meet with employees on-line or in person to address challenges and concerns about eldercare. These sessions may be one-on-one discussions for specific employees or more general group conversations about eldercare challenges.
  • Resources for Solutions to Eldercare Issues – Information and referral about services that are available for seniors at the local level can assist employees in identifying and facilitating a plan that meets the needs of an elderly relative right in the community where they live.
  • Eldercare Seminars – Online webinars or on-site seminars are available to help employees better understand the nature and challenges of elder caregiving. Employees can choose from a broad range of topics. Seminar topics include: You and Your Aging Parent, Caregiving at A Distance, and Managing Difficult Conversations. You can access a more complete list of seminars elsewhere on this website.
  • Educational Materials for Employees – A variety of informational and educational resources can be made available to employees as well. These resources can include: a variety of articles on topics related to elder caregiving; checklists that guide and educate families about some of the difficult choices that eldercare presents. Current research on the nature and cost of long-term care to name a few.