Individuals and Families

Eldercare Resources Individuals and Families

Eldercare Resources provides varied services for individuals and families.

In-Home Assessment

A standardized geriatric assessment is designed to maximize a senior’s quality of life by ensuring that a senior can perform everyday tasks. A care manager can inform seniors and their families, and support future decisions. Learn more how you can improve your loved one’s quality of life with an In-Home Assessment.

Care Plan

A care plan guides everyone who is involved with the individual’s care and needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the individual’s changing needs. A patient focused plan is essential to ensure that your loved one has the correct services and care. Learn more about a personalized Care Plan.

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring is vital to ensuring that your loved one receives the services he or she needs. On-going monitoring enables the Care Plan to be adjusted when most appropriate, so neither you nor your loved one is surprised by a change in functionality or health. Learn more about Ongoing Monitoring.