In-Home Assessment

Eldercare Resources About

Eldercare Resources performs in-home geriatric assessments to assist seniors and their families in better understanding the challenges of the aging process.

A geriatric assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic process to determine the medical, psychological, and functional capabilities of the elderly person. The goal is to develop a coordinated and integrated plan for treatment and long-term care, if needed. The geriatric assessment emphasizes a strengths-based evaluation of capacity with the intent of maximizing quality of life and functional status for the elderly individual. This assessment involves the use of standardized methods to evaluate multiple aspects of patient functioning and social supports.

Once all of the assessment components have been reviewed, our care manager meets with the patient and family to review the assessment and present recommendations for future care decisions. At this point, the goal is to develop the findings into a care plan that is designed to support the senior individual’s needs and desires for a lifestyle that addresses his own wants and preferences while including resources that will address his physical and psychological needs as well.

Once the plan is set up, Eldercare Resources is available to provide on-going monitoring to ensure that the process continues to be relevant to the needs of the senior and is compatible with his concerns and the preferences of the family members