Caregiving at a Distance

The primary providers of care for the elderly are most often family members. Unfortunately, in many cases, older people may live far away from their relatives, so worry and concern trouble family members who want to help but are unable to be there in person.

This workshop is designed to assist those who are responsible for coordinating and monitoring the care of an aging relative when they live far away. The session will provide information about creating a network of assistance that includes family, friends, neighbors and professionals. Participants will also learn to identify problem areas and possible resources for support.

  • Caregiving: An introduction - Why has caregiving at a distance emerged as such a need? What kinds of responsibility does a caregiver have?
  • Long-distance caregiving - How do you get a realistic picture of the needs of your aging relative?
  • Identifying a support system - Where will you find the support services your parents need?
  • Legal and financial concerns - How do you find someone to act in your family member's best interests? Is power of attorney or financial planning a necessity?
  • The role of the caregiver - How do you fulfill your responsibilities as a caregiver, and what can you do to take care of yourself during this time?

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