Managing Difficult Conversations

Communicating with an aging parent can be challenging at best. As an adult child, you have become more involved in decisions related to elder caregiving for your parent. You find yourself faced with the need to communicate with your parent about subjects related to long -term planning and health care. This seminar provides helpful information about how to manage these difficult conversations in the most considerate and productive ways possible.

Topics in this session include:

  • Assessing the situation – How do you develop an understanding of the issues?
  • Factors that affect communication – Eldercare challenges can be an emotional experience; understanding how to enhance communication is critical to the process.
  • Starting the Conversation – Many families don’t have a history of having sensitive conversations. How can you facilitate that discussion?
  • Handling troubling behaviors – Many eldercare problems come to the attention of family members as a result of unusual or inappropriate behaviors. Addressing the cause of those behaviors may be the first order of business.
  • Getting involved when you’re not nearby – How do you manage the challenges of elder caregiving from a distance?
  • Conducting family meetings –. Getting consensus about how to proceed is often difficult and fraught with emotion, a very complex process.

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