Retirement Housing: Making the Right Decision

  1. What is the reputation of the management? Are there published reviews available?
  2. What is the financial integrity of the institution?
  3. What are the entrance requirements?
  4. Are there conditions when the entrance fee is refundable?
  5. Which services are included in the fees?
  6. How are monthly charges established?
  7. What are the circumstances when fees may be increased?
  8. What happens if a person's personal financial resources are depleted?
  9. How often have the fees been increased?
  10. What type of health care facility is connected to the housing?
  11. What health & personal care services are available in the independent living units?
  12. What services are available in the assisted care units?
  13. What are the limits to health & medical care covered by the regular fees?
  14. Are there conditions under which a person may be asked to move?
  15. What are the policies for transferring a person to and from different levels of care?
  16. How long will a unit be held if a person is temporarily moved to a nursing home?
  17. Are there entree selections at each meal and/or special diet accommodations?
  18. Is there a policy for pets?
  19. What are the security arrangements at the property?
  20. What is the policy for visitors and overnight guests?

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